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ASPIRIK ELETTRICO is a remarkably silent and 100% environment-friendly self-propelled vacuum cleaner ideal for public hygiene in town centres and crowded roads and also for cleaning indoor spaces.

COMPLETELY ELECTRIC Aspirik Elettrico is driven electrically and can be used both outdoors and indoors in buildings such as underground car parks, indoor sport stadiums, gymnasiums, train and bus stations, factories, warehouses etc.

ecological electric SILENT Aspirik Elettrico can also be used in crowded places (town centres, gymnasiums, indoor sport stadiums): emissions <70 db at a distance of 2 meters. SILENT
POWERFUL The speed of the suction air of Aspirik H13 exceeds 110 km/h on the pipe mouth!
... rit picks up plastic and glass bottles
... it cleans even in the tiny spaces between cobbles, thanks to the remarkable suction force created!
powerful AGILE Aspirik H13, with the help of the operator, easily surmounts steps, footpaths and follows the operator even on slopes with gradient of 20%. gradient of 20%
SELF-PROPELLED Aspirik Elettrico follows you everywhere: the transmission system consists of a reduction unit, differential gear and axle shaft powered by an electric motor, which drives the machine while the operator manoeuvres it with ease thanks to the two front twin wheels. Semovente

AUTONOMY OF 7 HOURS Aspirik Elettrico guarantees a full working autonomy of more than 7 hours.

It has a reserve of energy to get back to the workshop.

CLEAN Aspirik Elettrico has two filters, one of which is a dust filter of 100 microns, to keep the machine as clean as possible. CLEAN EASY-TO-USE Aspirik H13 is easy to manoeuvre, even in town centres and narrow lanes with foot traffic and cycle paths because it turns around itself. easy-to-use

USEFUL On request, the suction pipe of Aspirik H13 can be supplied with diameter of:

  • 100 mm and diameter
  • 120 mm and diameter

to pick-up paper, cigarette stubs but also tin cans, bottles etc.

suction pipe 100 or 120 mm diameter HANDY The rigid pipe supplied with tip in stainless steel and optional support wheel means that it can be used to clean right into corners, porches, benches, parks etc. without any strain for the operator. rigid pipe to clean corners
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